Wife Narrates How A Lady Sent A Message To Her Husband, Telling Him He Shouldn’t Be With Her Because She Is Fat (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how a lady slid into her husband’s DM, telling him that he shouldn’t be with her because she is plus-sized.

She also listed other snide comments she has gotten, adding that her relationship is under public eye because people feel they shouldn’t be together by “beauty standard”.

@Aliciamccaverli stated that people have been forced by society to place value/worth on their body.

She further revealed that some people who try to give reasons why they are together, sometimes say she was not fat when they met or he married her because she’s rich.

The TikTok user also said that sometimes, people say her husband is gay or that he fetishes fat women.

Watch The Video Below;

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