Who Is Louis Kimble From Twentynine Palms? Fatal Attraction Retells The Story Of California Murder

The homicide instance of Louis Kimble is fit to be explored on TV.

Regardless of the convincing story while alive, the young fellow’s grisly homicide was not offered sufficient consideration. In the latest episode of Fatal Attraction, TV One has uncovered the story behind Kimble’s homicide. ‘Passing in the Desert’ is the title of the assault.


Who Is Louis Kimble From Twentynine Palms? Louis Kimble, a young fellow, was killed in his own home. His case was highlighted in the wrongdoing show Fatal Attraction.

The episode ‘Demise in the Desert’ appeared on TV One on March 28.

Kimble was a pained city tenant who migrated to a peaceful desert local area. In time, he experiences passionate feelings for his new city.

Nonetheless, he was killed in his own home, leaving the case’s suspects unidentified. Following an examination, specialists recognize the guilty party of the February 2006 wrongdoing.

Louis Kimble Fatal Attraction California Murder – What Happened To Her? In 2006, Louis Kimble was a little child killed in his own home. A Fatal Attraction, the location of his manslaughter is in plain view. Kimble, his then-sweetheart Cynice Bailey, and past sweetheart Nicole Sullivan were completely engaged with a triangle love story that prompted his demise.

The night Kimble died, Bailey and Sullivan had gotten into a battle at the club. After her showdown with Nicole, Bailey was later squabbling with her beau, Kimble.

Following the examination, both Bailey and Sullivan moved the fault.

In the mean time, two separate shot housings were found at the crime location, persuading specialists to think two shooters were involved. On February 19, 2022, one more man with a similar name died in California. At the point when he died, Louis was 86 years of age.

Louis had recently served in the US Army as a radar administrator. He was additionally made due by Sheryl Forrester, Bob Kimble, and Donna Compos, his kids. She was the dad of seven grandkids and seven incredible grandkids.

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