Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 31st May 2022 Taniya Leaves Virk House

The 31st May 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing the high voltage drama along with some enthusiastic activities, which will definitely make you feel over the top. As Jasmine is set to destroy Fateh after marrying him because once they will tie up with each other then nothing will happen wrong with her. Because she will throw all responsibilities on his shoulders and will live her life the way she wanted. In short, she again started making the dreams of her “Canada Trip”, but till now she does not know that Tejo is recalling her memories back.

After a while, Gurpreet comes and asks Khushbir Singh where is Tejo now he replies that she went library but as soon as he mentions it Gurpreet interrupts by saying that Tejo did not go library. He gets shocked to hear and asks how she could say this in spite of knowing that Tejo could not do anything wrong while lying to them. But Gurpreet claims that she saw her on Barnala Bus. Therefore, she is making them acquainted or nothing else, so this is the reason, when she will come back they should ask her about the reason behind leaving the place.

Meanwhile, Jasmine comes out and says that she will not let Taniya go at all because once she will leave the place then everything will overturn upside down and she does not want to let it happen. Therefore, she tries to make a call to her so that, she could ask her to come back as she needs and according to her promise she will have to help her. But unfortunately, her mobile does not ring which is enhancing her worries, as her plans are getting ruined as the time is passing and therefore, she will have to keep them safe before it’s too late.

In the previous episode, as the viewers have streamed that Tejo is recalling Fateh and writing his name on the wall while making her friend ware of it, by mentioning that Fateh is her best friend and groom with whom she took the precious 7 vows. Meanwhile, a few blur glimpse starts coming in front of her which makes her feel queasy and everything is hitting her mind. Therefore, she later fell unconscious on the surface, and then they brought her to her restroom. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us

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