Sirf Tum Today’s Episode 31st May 2022 Suhani Refuses To Go With Ranveer

In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Ranveer asks Rakesh to unlock the door. He tells him that he just wants to meet Suhani once. Rakesh refuses to open the door and asks him to leave. Ranveer does not listen to him. He pushes the door and gets inside. Rakesh loses his temper and lashes out at Ranveer for going against him. He tells Ranveer that come what may, he will not let his daughter marry him. Meanwhile, Ansh comes holding a stick. Ranveer gets surprised to see him there.

Ranveer questions Ansh about what is he doing there. Ansh tells him that he is the son-of-law of the house so he has the right to come here anytime. Ranveer tells Rakesh that he has done the wrong thing to let Ansh stay in his house. Ansh says that he can not talk to Rakesh like that as he gave him the shelter. Rakesh gets annoyed and says that Ansh had kidnapped his daughter and now they are supporting him. Ranveer requests Rakesh to let him meet Suhani. Rakesh gets angry and beats Ranveer with the stick.

Despite being beaten up by Rakesh, Ranveer continues to walk. Dadi and Sudha try to stop him. Ranveer tells Rakesh that he is elder than him so he has all the right to beat him. He adds if he feels happy and light after beating him, he can go on. Rakesh breaks the rod on Ranveer. Here, Ansh attacks Ranveer too. Dadi tries to make Rakesh understand that Ranveer can never harm Suhani, not even in his dreams. Dadi allows Ranveer to meet Suhani. He goes to her room. Suhani who was laying on the bed gets up after seeing him.

Ranveer questions Suhani about why did she do that with his mother. He reminds her of her promise to not leave his mother under any circumstances. He further tells Suhani that if she does not want to answer, she can come home with him as he has come to take her along with him. Suhani refuses to go with him and asks him to leave. Ranveer asks her not to worry about her father as he will talk to him. Suhani says that with what right, he will take her from here, and with what right, she needs to take care of Mamta. Stay tuned with us for more Sirf Tum written updates.

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