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The popular Australian WWE star Duke Hudson has always been massive all across the globe. He has been showered with immense love and warmth from his fans from all across the globe. Although lately, everybody is talking about his relationship status, some social media users have been posting about his girlfriend. But we would like to clarify that Duke Hudson is currently single.

He is not looking for a girlfriend but he may be looking for a boyfriend instead. Yes, you all have heard it right, he may be looking for a boyfriend. Lately, gossip has come around claiming that the popular WWE star is gay and an active member of the LGBTQ community. Well, news can be a surprise for many people, and many women and girls who crushed over him could be sad too after knowing this.

This gossip was stirred up when a Twitter user claimed that Duke and another popular WWE expert are courting each other. As soon as this information came out, many people were surprised and shocked to know this. There are many myths and stereotypes about LGBTQ people. One of the myths about Gays is that masculine and tough guys can’t be gay, and thus because of this ill information, netizens got shocked to know that. Netizens flooded social media with this news. They all are discussing his orientation on social media platforms.

There are many myths and stereotypes about the LGBTQ community, which are very vague and dumb at the same time. These important things must be discussed on big platforms. These myths and stereotypes are one of the prominent reasons behind the discrimination and inequality people from the LGBTQ community suffer on the daily basis. According to reports, many netizens and fans are still in disbelief that their favorite masculine WWE wrestler can be homosexual. This thought process shows how deep roots these myths and stereotypes have in the brains of common people.

Although there is no confirmation of his relationship reports from Duke’s side. All the information is from the reports from various media houses on social media. Duke has been quite actively promoting WWE on his official social media accounts. His pictures and videos on social media platforms are always flooded with lovely and mesmerizing comments and wishes from his loving and charming fans and admirers. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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