Who Is Ryan Kuehner From St Charles County Police? Officer Gets Slack Over Video Showing Dog Being Shot

A couple of days prior, a video arose online about a sheriff’s specialty official from St. Charles County being blamed for purportedly shooting his neighbor’s canine. It just so happens, he goes by Ryan Kuehner.

Who Is Ryan Kuehner From St Charles County Police? Ryan Kuehner is the one who professed to be St Charles County police killed his neighbor’s canine with his pellet weapon. Presently, the Cottleville family is grieving the deficiency of their kid canine.


At the point when the canine proprietor, Eric Bacon, faced the neighbor, he said that their canine, Apollo, was not on the chain. He even said that he was pleased with it.

The couple who lost their canine made sense of that they were working in their yard and when they turned around to track down Apollo dead. He was wearing a collar and never at any point yelped, and the pair left him released in light of the fact that they were close by.

In spite of their endeavors, they couldn’t save their pet. They have reached the police office, and the representative was holding on at the shooter’s home following an objection.

In any case, there have been no charges recorded against him yet. However, a request to eliminate the wrongdoer from his position has been endorsed by more than 4k individuals. They are nearly arriving at their objective of 5k marks.

Official Ryan Kuehner Shoots Dog On Video A video of a man standing up to official Ryan Kuehner about shooting his canine has arisen on the web. Eric Bacon and his significant other Erica Hansen are crushed as they lose their kid canine.

Erica said they found something was wrong with Apollo subsequent to completing their yard work. At first, they saw him hacking and frothing at the mouth, which made them think it was a snake chomp.

They surged it to the emergency clinic yet couldn’t save it. At the point when the x-beam was shown, the vet said that a pellet was held up in its lungs. From that point forward, the family has reached the St. Charles Police Department, Animal Control, and the Sheriff’s Office.

Reddit Thread About Ryan Kuehner Explained Ryan Kuhener’s video on a Reddit string is all around the web. The St. Charles County police are the interesting issue of conversation as of now.

He supposedly shot his neighbor’s canine, and instead of saying ‘sorry’ he said he was pleased with his activities. It has caused many kickbacks from individuals on the web.

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