How to play Plinko and win Bitcoin online

Play Plinko using Bitcoin at some of the best online casinos available in your country. You just need to place your bet and wait for the ball or chip to drop to any of the pockets at the bottom. The game is simple and fast, allowing gamblers to set their pace and chances of winning with more flexibility than roulette or side bets at poker games.

Plinko is one of the newest types of game to arrive at online casinos and a few people are wondering how it works. If you are one of them then feel free to read below:

Rules of a Plinko game

Plinko game online is one of the simplest forms of entertainment you can have where you can win Bitcoin (BTC). They are similar to slots where you just press a button and hope for the best outcome possible with every attempt. You also pay the ante each time you press the button and you win it back multiplied by the reward indicated in the pocket that caught the ball.

The minimum bet is as low as 0.03 mBTC but the highest can reach up to 3 mBTC for BGaming’s version. The minimum and maximum can also be set into fiat or other crypto but the maximum and minimum will be different to scale with the value of those currencies.

Plinko game structure and controls

Plinko is arranged with one hole for the ball to come out of at the top with levels of pegs in a cone shape expanding towards the bottom. The prizes on each pocket are higher the further it is from the centre with the edges carrying the jackpot.

You can control online Plinko features including the number of pegs and pockets using the lines dial. Options range from 8 lines to 16 and every additional level also increases the number of pockets available. Thus, it increases the highest-possible payout as well as lowers the minimum.

The most exciting setting you can control in Plinko is the risk level. You have three options namely low, normal, and high. Risk level refers to the volatility of the prize, increasing the difference between the lowest and highest-possible payout in the game. Therefore, the highest volatility setting in Plinko is 16 lines plus high risk. The minimum payout is 0.2x while the highest prize is 1000x.

How to win at Plinko

There are two ways to win at a Plinko game. The first and most popular of them is diligence. You just need to keep paying the ante and enjoy your slow profit gain as bouncing balls enter profitable pockets at a low-risk Plinko game. The alternative is the opposite where you raise the risk to the highest possible as you aim for the jackpot prize only.

Either method can benefit from using Plinko’s auto play mode where you can set how much you want to bet on each try and how many times the machine should play for you. Low-risk Plinko games can be left to play on its own as you are guaranteed to gain profit even if it’s slow. On the other hand, high risk wagers are better played hands-on as it is up to you whether to try for one more or call it a day and come back tomorrow.

Plinko game online offers the best range between casual grinding and intense gambling. You decide what type of odds you wish to face and win fair rewards to match the risk you are taking. You decide how you want to play at any time.

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