Who Is Mark Winger Wife Donnah Winger And What Happened To Her?

Mark Winger’s significant other Donnah Winger is the one who wound up dead by her own better half and the subtleties are good to go to unwind in the impending episode of 20/20.

Since its presentation in 1978, ABC’s ’20/20′ has been highlighting current realities of genuine wrongdoing stories, whether it’s killings, kidnappings, or vanishings.


Notwithstanding, it is the top to bottom meetings with people participated for the situation that keep us inspired by these analytical pieces. So nothing unexpected its latest two-hour occasion extraordinary episode, which subtleties the baffling 1995 homicide of Donnah Brown Winger, is no special case.

Who Is Donnah Winger? Mark Winger Wife Donnah Ellen Brown was born in Florida on November tenth, 1963. Donnah was the center offspring of three sisters. She was alluring, keen, and achieved in her occupation as a working room expert.

She met atomic designer Mark Winger and wedded him at a customary Jewish wedding in 1989. Mark got a new line of work in Springfield, Illinois, not long after they wedded, and the pair migrated to the state capital. Donnah acknowledged a situation at Springfield’s Memorial Hospital.

Donnah and Mark seemed, by all accounts, to be the image of flawlessness. They were prosperous and resided in a wonderful home in an exquisite area. The two of them wanted a youngster yet were sorrowful to observe that Donnah couldn’t consider.

They invited Bailey Elizabeth Winger into their family in June of 1995. Donnah, Mark, and their whole more distant family were elated with the appearance of the new relative.

Donnah Winger’s Relationship With Roger Harrington Roger Harrington, a bus driver, drove Donnah Winger from St. Louis International Airport to her home in Springfield. The Wingers then, at that point, documented a grievance with Harrington’s organization, claiming that all through the excursion, Harrington gave Donnah trouble by looking at getting high and having bashes.

After six days, Mark Winger reached 911 to report that he had shot Harrington after he attacked Donnah in their home with a sledge. The police previously associated Harrington with breaking into the Wingers’ home and attacking Donnah in backlash for their grievance to Harrington’s chief.

Winger, then again, developed doubt from specialists since he kept on inquisitive about the case after it had been shut.

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