Who Is Helen Grant’s Son Ben Grant?

Subsequent to seeing a family being bombarded inside their home, a Conservative’s child has gone to Ukraine to battle the Russian intrusion.

Ben Grant, 30, a previous Royal Marines commando who served for over five years, said he hadn’t told his mom, Helen Grant, a previous Government serve, that he was venturing out to Ukraine.


He told columnists in Lviv that he had gone there in the wake of seeing film of a Russian strike on a home where a kid was heard shouting.

Who Is Helen Grant’s Son Ben Grant? Helen Grant is a Member of Parliament addressing Kent’s Maidstone and the Weald, is the dad of Ben Grant, a previous Royal Marine.

A gathering of British ex-servicemen has joined the conflict in Ukraine, including the child of a Conservative MP.

The 30-year-old served in the Royal Marines for over five years as a commando, and is one of seven ex-servicemen who joined the nation’s military in Kyiv on Saturday, March 5.

Boris Johnson’s mom, a previous pastor for game and the travel industry, is his extraordinary emissary for young ladies’ schooling.

Mr. Grant expressed that he chose to venture out to Ukraine in the wake of seeing film of a house being bombarded and youngsters howling. He accepts that extra ex-servicemen from the United Kingdom will join.

The head of the guard staff, then again, cautioned Britons not to go to Ukraine.

He expressed that he knows that the Russian armed force disregards the Geneva Convention by shooting columnists and regular people. He said that he would sooner end it all than be detained.

Regal Marine Blowed Up In Ukraine Video On Twitter Helen Grant is among a crew of UK and US contenders spotted doing combating Russian powers during a warmed firefight.

During a savage fight in Ukraine, a previous Royal Marine, and child of a MP was recorded driving a group of British and US soldiers in a mission to obliterate a Russian reinforced vehicle.

He has confirmed film of a crew of Western workers, comprised of previous unique powers, ready to go after a BTR from a forest on the forefront in the nation’s upper east.

It was recorded during a 15-hour mission on Thursday, during which around eight Russian soldiers were killed, with one more 30 killed in a shootout when the group of 13 US and British warriors hence got together with Ukrainian powers to storm a channel.

During the mission, one warrior rises up out of the forest. It fires a Matador hostile to tank rocket from his shoulder towards the BTR, which is noticeable in a clearing roughly 100 meters far off.

Before the rocket is delivered, Mr. Grant, who spent over five years as a commando in the Royal Marines, is heard hollering “shoot it right away” and “recollect the back blast.”

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