Who Is Delosreyes On TikTok? Nicole Delos Reyes Shirt And Disney Controversy Explained

A guest to Walt Disney World cases she extended the recreation area’s clothing regulation to tie limits and found that a well known TikTok “hack” for a free shirt may as of now not be imaginable.

There’s a motivation behind why Disney World has a dress code.


Who Is Nicole Delosreyes On TikTok? Wiki Bio Nicole Delosreyes is a Tiktoker who has an immense number of fan devotees. She was born in 2001, nonetheless, her accurate birth date isn’t known.

While Disney doesn’t ensure Guests a free shirt, numerous Guests who disregarded Disney’s clothing regulation professed to have encountered a comparable astonishing experience.

Analysts were shocked that DelosReyes wasn’t given a free Disney shirt, as has purportedly happened to others, who were dress-coded at the recreation area, as per TikTok film.

“Why there’s no free shirt?” some asked. Delosreyes answered, “Wasn’t an issue.” The clothing standard at Walt Disney World depends on translation. In the event that somebody doesn’t know whether a garment is fitting, it’s ideal to be protected and pick something different.

Find out About Nicole Delos Reyes Shirt And Disney Drama On Reddit Nicole Delos Reyes’ shirt and Disney Drama turned into a web sensation on the virtual entertainment stage. Analysts brought up that a few shirts ought to be deterred from being worn on rides that can arrive at velocities of 80 miles each hour.

Delosreyes guaranteed she was defied about her top in Orlando, which was held along with a piece of string. The situation is not normal for a clothing standard occurrence that happened in 2021 when a Six Flags representative supposedly requested a lady to eave in light of the fact that her shorts were excessively lengthy as per intheknow.com.

@nicole.delosreyes its real….welp😂 #disneyworld #dresscode #welp #fashion #disney ♬ original sound – Nicole DeLosReyes

Know Delosreyes Real Name And Twitter Link Delosreyes genuine name is Nicole Delos Reyes. She is 21 years old. Her TikTok account is @nicole.delosreyes having 56.6K adherents and 3.6million preferences as of May 2022.

She seems like not accessible on Twitter. She came into the spotlight as she was approached to leave Disney World for what she wore or to purchase a shirt.

In a TikTok video, Delosreyes said, “Folks, it worked out, I got clothing regulation at Disney.” “Either leave or get a Disney-coded dress,” I was told. So we will buy a shirt right away.”

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