Where Is Eduardo Valseca Today, Is He Still Alive?

Eduardo Valseca was a craftsmanship seller hailing from Mexico, who experience seven months of horrendous bad dream in 2007.

All that the Valseca couple proceeded with Eduardo being caught in a container and his significant other Jayne being through to bring him back home securely should be visible recorded in Dateline’s The Ranch. Alongside focusing on youngsters and haggling with hijackers, Jayne made an honest effort conceivable.


The grabbing story depends on a genuine one and premiers on NBC Friday, May 27.

Dateline The Ranch: Where Is Eduardo Valseca Today?  Eduardo Valseca is in Washington D.C. at present according to his Facebook bio.

However he is initially from Mexico, he dwells in the United States currently, maybe fabricating another life and toasting to a fresh start in America.

The astounding part is after what he has had to deal with, he is attempting to battle for others. Moreover, he likewise advances the book We Have Your Husband: One Woman’s Terrifying Story of a Kidnapping in Mexico, which is wrote by his significant other.

Is Eduardo Valseca Still Alive? Eduardo Valseca is as yet alive in 2022.

As verified by Distractify in their article is that he transferred a video to YouTube in June 2020, where he nitty gritty about his experience, results and what that snatching episode educated him. Valseca additionally unveiled that the episode made him more energetic about his life now than he was prior to being abducted.

Eduardo Valseca Wikipedia However Eduardo Valseca’s profile has not been investigated on Wikipedia, his name is referenced in IMDb.

Complete name Eduardo Garcia Valseca, he is known for Criminal’s Paradise and Dateline NBC, where one piece of his abducting discoveries got delivered in 1992.

He was hijacked and ruthlessly tormented for quite some time for deliver.

In 2017, police called Valseca to distinguish the lawbreaker and he and his family came to discover that the ruffian was no more abnormal except for his companion, who lived in princely area. The Chilean ruffian was captured for kidnapping and doing likewise another casualty, when he was at last gotten.

Eduardo Valseca And Jayne Valseca Married Life And Children Eduardo Valseca and his significant other Jayne Rager had an euphoric hitched existence with their three youngsters until one sad episode thumped on their entryway of a cheerful life.

Before his grabbing, he dwelled with his accomplice, who was an entertainer, and children Nayah, Fernando, and Emiliano in San Miguel, Mexico. After the arrival of her significant other in 2008, Jayne had turned into a conspicuous and wild promoter for the families and casualties of grabbing for deliver.

Unfortunately, it is found that his valiant spouse Jayne died youthful at 45 years old as a result of bosom disease on May 3, 2012, according to The Washington Post.

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