Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 28th May 2022 Tejo Is Getting Tortured

The upcoming episode of your favorite daily soap “Udaariyaan” is going to be more overwhelming and over the top too, where you will watch that Jasmine has set everything to take her revenge on Fateh and Taniya. Therefore, according to her perspective, she is trying to execute a further one that is an ace of space. Hence, she mentions that once she will get success in execution then everything will be sorted out in the manner she wants. But amidst all these, she did not make anyone familiar with her plan as she does not want to take even a single chance.

After a while, a few glimpses of Tejo also comes out from the Ashram where she is staying nowadays and surviving her further life as a mental patient. Yes, you heard right, Jasmine made her admit there after rescuing her from the fire because she does not want to see her again with Fateh. Therefore she brought Tejo there and hence, she is being treated by the medical staff better called they are torturing her on Jasmine’s will. Because from time to time she feeds them with enough money and therefore, they could not go against her at any cost.

Meanwhile, Tejo takes Fateh’s name as she hopes that he will come and bring her out for sure but besides him, she does not know anyone else in her family as her memories have been blurred due to the shock therapy. But she tries to focus on her previous life so that, she could recall everything but due to heavy pressure on the memories, the danger of her brain hemorrhage of getting enhanced too. Hence, the mental asylum team decided to make Jasmine familiar with everything so that, if something happens to her then no one could blame them.

In the previous episode as the viewers have streamed, Jasmine made Taniya understand everything and how she will ruin Fateh while throwing the responsibilities of Amrik’s child on his shoulders. Therefore, Taniya is also helping her because Fateh is a nice guy who understands his responsibilities equally well as his normal routine. So, therefore, she assures her that no matter what happens but whenever she will need her she will come to help her out. But till now Taniya does not know that it is just a trap of her or nothing else, so do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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