Sirf Tum Today’s Episode 28th May 2022 Written Update: Suhani Meets Ansh

In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Roshni tells Mamta that she looks good in jogging clothes. The duo gets surprised to see the room renovated by Riya. Riya smiles looking at Mamta and says that she has done this for her. Mamta says that she needs to take the medicines. Riya says that she will give her dance therapy. She then adds that Suhani is in her 1st year while she is in 4th so will take care of her. Mamta tells her that she has high BP so she will join her if she felt good.

Here, Ranveer calls Dadu and Suhani but none of them picks up the call. He gets nervous. He then calls Mamta. Since Riya had Mamta’s phone, she ignores it intentionally. Later, Dadu picks up the call. Ranveer asks him about Mamta and Suhani not picking up the call to which the former asks him to relax. He tells him about Rakesh coming and picking up Suhani safely. He further adds that Vikrant asked Suhani to go and then he brought Riya home. Ranveer gets upset and says that he had given Suhani’s responsibility to him.

Ranveer says that she should not have gone home and asks him to give the phone to Mamta. Here, Nikki brings turmeric milk for Ansh. Rakesh brings Suhani there. Ansh gets happy seeing Suhani and says that as a father, he might be feeling bad to see his daughter suffocating but he did the right thing. Ansh says that Rakesh freed her from the cage. Dadi gets annoyed and slams Ansh. She says that it is he who has caged Suhani. The latter questions Ansh that what is he doing here. Kamini tells her that Ranveer beat him up.

Nikki goes ahead to tell Suhani that Ranveer had sent his goons at home and had troubled the family. Suhani refuses to believe it. She says that Ranveer can never do such a thing. She says that it must be Ansh’s plan as she trusts Ranveer. Kamini laughs at Suhani for still supporting Ranveer after knowing what he did. Here, Dadu asks Mamta to open the door but due to loud music, no one answers. Ranveer asks Dadu why there is such loud music. Dadu says that Riya is giving Mamta dance therapy. Ranveer says that Mamta’s heart rate and BP can increase with loud music and dance. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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