“I’ll always love Olamide”, Cabbie says on receiving car gift from singer

Days after he was surprised with a car gift given to him by Olamide Baddo, e-hailing cab driver, Oluwaseun Odunuga, has revealed why he will always love the popular singer.

Within Nigeria recalls that the singer had initially slammed Odunuga for asking him for a car on social media in January 2022.

Odunuga had tweeted, “Baddo, I need a car for my Bolt business. Even if it is on hire purchase (arrangement), I will pay back.” However, Olamide was apparently not in a good mood as he replied, “The money you kept with me? You are not alright.”

But months after that social media exchange, Olamide has put a smile on the cab driver’s face.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Odunuga noted that he made the request because he was having challenges with the car he was using at the time, on which he usually made returns to the owner of the vehicle. He also stated that he did not imagine that Olamide would respond to him in the first place. He said, “I am not much of a social media person. Anytime I go online and see people requesting for things from artistes, I believe it is usually not real. I felt I was going to be ignored.”

The chauffeur also maintained that Olamide’s initial response did not diminish his love for the singer. He said, “When I saw the comment, I was surprised that Olamide replied my tweet, and I even went about telling people about it.

“I don’t use abusive words on people, but my friends say things similar (to what Olamide said). Guys say things like that to themselves all the time, so I didn’t see it as an insult.”

Asked if the car was given to him on hire purchase like he requested, Odunuga said, “No, the day the car was presented to me, nobody was there. Someone just brought the car to my house, handed me the key, and left.”

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