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You all must have heard the name Sally Wade, somewhere or the other, but many of you don’t know where they have heard this name or who she is. So in today’s article, we will clear all queries and doubts about Sally Wade and will also tell you all about her. Read this article till the end to find all the answers to your questions regarding Sally Wade. Sally Wade was the wife of the popular American Comedian, actor, author, and social critic George Carlin.

Sally Wade was the second wife of the American Comedy star, Social critic, and actor George Carlin. George Carlin was earlier married to Brenda Hosbrook. According to the reports, George met Sally in the year 1997. In some of his interviews, George Carlin stated that he fell into love with Sally Wade at the very first sight he saw her. Sally was his love at first sight. George and Sally Got married quickly after the death of George’s first wife Brenda. George and Sally got married in a very private and cozy and unregistered ceremony on 24 June 1998.

The couple was married until George’s death in the year 2008. George died just two days before his and Sally’s tenth wedding anniversary. George was around 60 years old when he met Sally Wade, and Sally Wade was quite young at the time she met George. The couple had a large age gap in between them but still, they fell in love and got married, and lived happily. George and Sally Wade didn’t have kids together because George was too old. Although the news about the Couples children is not clear, it is only claimed through some reports.

Many reports also claim that Sally wade was a comedy writer and screenwriter, but even this information is not confirmed by her. According to some reports, Sally Wade is around 60 years old in 2022. Sally Wade has always been a private person, she never spoke to the media. She always chose to stay a distance from all the limelight and media buzzing and that is the reason why there is so less information about Sally Wade in the public domain. We will come up with more information about her as soon as possible. Our research team is for g all the very best to find out all about her for all of you. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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