Who Is Dr Stephanie Russell MD? Kidz Life Pediatrics Doctor Arrested For Murder Hire To Kill Her Ex

A specialist from Louisville has been captured on government charges for endeavoring to recruit somebody to kill her ex.

Stephanie Russell of Louisville was captured on May 19 by FBI specialists. A government criminal grumbling and capture warrant were given against a Louisville clinical specialist for homicide for-enlist utilizing highway trade offices.


Who Is Dr. Stephanie Russell MD From Kidz Life Pediatrics? Dr. Stephanie M. Russell is a pediatrician who works at Kidz Life Pediatrics in Prospect in Louisville, Kentucky. She moved on from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and has been by and by for north of 20 years.

Pediatricians care for babies, youngsters, and teenagers. They are prepared to meet the particular requirements of youngsters at all transformative phases as they develop and develop.

As indicated by court records, Russell, 52, supposedly reached somebody she thought she employed to kill her ex on May 15, 2022.

She reached a FBI secret worker to kill her ex (UCE).

Dr. Stephanie Russell Arrested For Hiring To Murder Ex-Husband? Dr. Stephanie Russell has been captured for the allegation of recruiting somebody to kill her ex. Russell consented to pay $7,000 altogether for the homicide.

On May 18, she dropped $3,500 in a dropbox outside her clinical office, which was half of the settled upon sum.

She should pay the excess $3,500 after the homicide. Russell showed up in court interestingly toward the beginning of today before a U.S. Officer Judge.

On May 24, she will have a fundamental confinement hearing. Russell faces as long as a decade in government jail whenever indicted. The government legal framework doesn’t consider parole.

Dr. Stephanie Russell Pediatrics Charges Whenever sentenced at preliminary, Dr. Stephanie Russell faces a greatest sentence of a decade in government jail.

As per court records, Russell’s ex sought legal separation in 2018, and the separation was settled in 2020.

Before her capture, the two were battling about authority. Stephanie showed up in court interestingly, and she will have a starter confinement hearing on May 24.

Her story has additionally circulated around the web via virtual entertainment.

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