Shekar Telugu Movie Total Box Office Collection Audience Review Hit Or Flop?

Hello, all the cinema lovers, so, Friday has just gone and left multiple entertaining movies for its theatrical release behind it. Some of the most awaited movies of Bollywood including Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Dhakkad arrived at the box office dominating in the northern circuits whereas southern circuits have their own preparation of getting engaged. Most recently Tollywood has recently come with its intriguing and dark tragedy drama titled Shekar. The movie arrived with decent hype due to the lack of a bigger face of Tollywood. Get more information on the Shekar box office collection.

The film started its theatrical journey on 20th May 2022 and received a mixed response from the audience. One of the reputed critic’s pages said that the movie is a tragedy-heavy drama exploring an entirely new plot but it would have to get more intense instead of revolving around mellow drama. The film received mixed to negative reviews from the critics. The plot of the movie and the performance of the lead star but at the same, the pace of the movie have been criticized for being slow.

The story of the film revolves around Shekar performed by Rajasekhar who used to be a police officer but took voluntary retirement and assist its department in their investigation to resolve the case. One the day his wife tragically passed away suddenly but the details of the circumstances where his wife took her last breath create doubt in his mind and compelled him to investigate the complete matter. Shekar started the investigation of his wife’s death and analyzes all pros and cons and he gets shocked after learning that his daughter’s death is also connected to his wife’s death. He then goes after the person who is responsible for all this.

Rajasekhar nailed his role as a retired cop his look is matching with his profession in the film. Along with that, he gives goosebumps to the audience while performing emotional scenes in the film. Actress Shivani shows its best in the cameo appearance. She steals the show with her minor presence. The second half of the movie is more gripping than the first one as the investigation of Shekar’s wife’s death started at the time.

Overall Shekar is a watchable movie. The film is directed by Jeevitha Rajashekar and produced by Beeram Sudhakara Reddy and Shivani Rajashekar. Apart from Dr Rajashekar, the film cast Athmeeya Rajan, Muskaan Kubchandhani, and Shivani Rajashekar. Stay tuned with Socal Telecast for more entertainment updates.

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