Shane Langley And Christine Oliveaux Abusive Relationship & His Sentence Update

Christine Oliveaux is a casualty of abusive behavior at home executed by her ex, Shane Langley. Shane killed her mom after Christine left him following quite a while of being attacked by him.

Christine wedded Langley when she was a youngster, and the couple had four kids. She later depicted how Langley’s harmful way of behaving started right away.

Christine at last marshaled the fortitude to escape his grip with their youngsters, taking them all to her mom’s home. In the episode of ‘Fixation: Dark Desires’ named ‘Wedded to the Devil,’ Investigation Discovery unfurls the alarming parts of this awful story.

Shane Langley And Christine Oliveaux Abusive Relationship Christine Oliveaux began dating her classmate Shane Langley in 1984. The couple went to get hitched in 1995 and invited three kids.

After their marriage, Shane began getting harmful toward Christine. Shane’s harmful way of behaving toward Christine had become more than clear by 1998.

There were a few occurrences of Shane truly, inwardly, and physically attacking Christine. She was habitually pounded over the littlest thing conceivable around the house.

Shane constrained her to seclude herself and had no contact with her companions. Also, her mom, Vennie, also had the option to meet her when he permitted.

However she later figured out how to move out of the couple’s home with their children, he called her and compromised her. Shane then appeared at Vennie’s home with a firearm and fired Christine no less than two times as she attempted to escape.

Where Could Shane Langley Now be? Shane Langley is right now imprisoned in the Louisiana Department of Corrections. He was serving his time in jail at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, as of January 2021, as indicated by jail records.

Subsequent to killing her mom, he hijacked and held her kids as prisoners during a deadlock with the police.

He learned about the protected house where Christine and the children were remaining and called to tell Christine he realized she was there.

Shane was viewed as at fault for second-degree murder subsequent to being captured for Vennie’s homicide and condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole.

Christine vouched for the state House Judiciary Committee in 2003 on the side of a proposed abusive behavior at home bill. Also, Shane had given her bruised eyes, cut lips, broken teeth, and broken ribs for a critical part of their 14-year relationship.

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