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Bustagang Macbrother’s brother Jahmar D’angelo purportedly shot himself in the restroom at Bustagang’s home, yet police have managed the passing a manslaughter and an examination is continuous.

Bustagang Macbrother shocked the world after his Facebook live, in the live recorded video, he is seen shouting and yelling about Jahmar’s demise. He is heard saying Jahmar shot himself in the washroom in the wake of posting a Facebook status.


In the video, which is by all accounts recorded after the episode, Macbrother is seen fretful and crying and clarifying for individuals about the occurrence. He said, he went to keep an eye on Jahmar in the washroom however he was inert and when Macbrother attempted to break into the restroom, he heard a gunfire.

Allow us to study Bustagang Macbrother and investigate his Facebook live and self destruction.

Who Is Bustagang Macbrother? Bustagang Macbrothe, whose genuine name is Marques, is assumed brother of Jahmar D’Angelo.

The local of Chicago, Illinois is moving on the web after a Facebook live. As per his Facebook profile, Macbrother went to Harvard University and works at True Religion Brand Jeans.

He is the dad to two delightful youngsters, Marques jr and Sa’Riyah Lawrence yet he has not expressed anything about his accomplice or spouse.

Notwithstanding, his accomplice should be visible encouraging him on the Facebook Live video he as of late imparted to his adherents.

Much data about his own life and his genuine connection with Jahmar has not risen to the top yet, nonetheless, he professes to be the brother of the person in question. Most presumably Marques and Jahmar are generally excellent companions.

Bustagang Macbrother Facebook Live Video Bustgang Macbrother shared a Facebook Live video with his companions on the stage on May 17.

The video has been watched by a huge number of individuals at this point, he is found in anguish in the wake of losing his brother to self destruction in the video.

Macbrother subtleties the situation of his brother Jahmar’s self destruction in the video. He is heard yelling ‘he shot himself in my washroom, Jahmar is gone, brother”.

Then he is heard itemizing the situation, Macbrother says, he saw Jahmar’s status on Facebook and went there to keep an eye on him yet he didn’t answer from inside. He then attempted to break the entryway yet heard shots from inside.

We can likewise hear others talking behind the scenes and attempting to comfort Macbrother. We can likewise hear the police alarm in distance too.

Did Bustagang Macbrother Suicide Or Was It Murder? Bustgang Macbrother’s brother Jahmar is said to have ended it all.Notwithstanding, as indicated by a few different sources, Jahmar is said to have been killed.

Besides, police have governed his demise as homicided and the examination is going on. Bustgang also known as Marques is the excellent suspect for the situation as per Reddit.

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