Video Director TG Omori Condemns Those Who Display How They Give To The Poor On Social Media

One of Nigeria’s finest music video directors, TG Omori, has condemned those who engage in publicly displaying how they are being compassionate to the less privileged.

The brain behind many Nigerian music videos shared a wake-up post on Tuesday, reprimanding the act of giving to the poor, filming it, and sharing the clips on social media.

In his post on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, TG Omori noted that deep down the deprived fellow doesn’t want to be on the internet as the poor, but has no choice because he has to eat.

He further advised that the rich should desist from going online with such clips that prey on others’ pride.

“Life is hard for the poor don’t film them while giving them bread.

Every man has pride na hunger humble them, deep down he doesn’t wish to be on social as the poor one who couldn’t afford bread but I mean a beggar has no choice,” he wrote.


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