Amanda Bynes Leaked Viral Images Pictures Popular American Actress Trending Twitter

Popular American Actress Amanda Bynes is currently in the headlines and creating a massive buzz on social media and the internet. Currently, she is even on the trending charts of social media, but all for different and negative reasons. According to the reports, a Twitter account, claiming that it belonged to the actress leaked some nude pictures in a bathtub. The account and the post claim that those naked pictures in the bathtub are of the popular star. Those naked pictures are currently massive viral on social media and creating a massive buzz all over.

After these pictures got massive public attention and viral, Amanda Bynes came out and spoke to the media regarding this controversy. The 36-year-old popular American Star claimed that those viral pictures, which are claimed to be hers are not hers. She stated that she has nothing to do with those viral pictures. Those pictures are not of her. The popular American star completely denied being involved in those viral naked pictures.

Amanda Bynes further continued and stated that the Twitter account which released these inappropriate pictures and claimed to be hers, is not her account. She stated that she has nothing to do with that Twitter account and it’s a fake account that is falsely claiming to be hers. She also stated that she has nothing to do with that account. She called the user of that account a cyber imposter, committing such downgrading things to defame her. The actress also stated that she never took that kind of naked picture which is currently being viral on social media. Amanda’s attorney Tamar Arminak also claimed that her client has nothing to do with those inappropriate pictures.

Just like popular star Britany Spears, Amanda Bynes too came out of her conservatorship, which gave her mother Lynn control over her finances, and personal and medical decisions. She was making a lot of headlines during her proceedings regarding the conservatorship.

Amanda’s fans have come out on social media for her support. Her fans have flooded social media with tweets and comments in support of her. All her fans tweeted and posted about the viral pictures on social media, they all sided with Amanda Bynes and called out those pictures were fake and done by any cyber imposter. Although according to some reports, now these viral pictures case is being investigated. Although no confirmation has come out yet. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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