What Was Tony Yeager Arrested For? His Mugshot and Assault Charges, What Did He Do?

Tony Yeager, 24, was confined on a second-degree crime outlaw from an equity warrant.

After a unique charge of murder vehicular homicide in Boone County in July 2019, the respondent is recorded on the National Criminal Information Center in Kentucky on a full-removal warrant for a probation infringement.


What Was Tony Yeager Arrested For? Jeremy Tilghman was gone after while at work, as indicated by emotional CCTV film. As indicated by the proclamation, Tony Yeager was a traveler in West Valley City on Thursday night.

The vehicle was initially seen around 3700 S. 2800 West, then, at that point, continued south on 2700 West to 4700 South prior to traveling west to Bangerter Highway. It then, at that point, traveled south from 4700 S. Bangerter to 7000 South, where it ended in Jordan Landing.

He was the person who failed to keep a grip on Camp Ernst Road as he drove south. His auto slid across two yards, crashed into a tree, and afterward flipped into a contiguous yard. Email Borders, 19, was killed, and two 15-year-old travelers were harmed.

Lt. Chris Hall of Boone County drives the recreation team. Yeager and different travelers in the vehicle told examiners they steered to keep away from a deer, yet agents guarantee there was one more explanation having an effect on everything.

Yeager was captured on many counts, including homicide and driving impaired. Yeager’s legal advisor asserted it was a mishap and that Yeager took a stab at all that he could to help his sidekicks.

Tony Yeager Mugshot and Assault Charges – What Did He Do? In the wake of wounding a youngster during a squabble with a few others, Northern York Regional police captured and charged Tony Yeager. He is blamed for homicide.

Subsequent to cutting a youngster during a quarrel with a few others, Northern York Regional police captured and charged a Dover man.

He is charged with exasperated attack and basic attack and carelessly jeopardizing someone else, as per police.

While on the site, officials talked with two individuals, Yeager, somebody said that they were engaged with the battle with without a doubt four different people they knew.

A 17-year-old youngster was consequently getting treatment for different cut injuries at York Hospital.

Yeager’s bond was set at $225,000 by the appointed authority. He is as yet being held in the Boone County Jail.

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