Taiwo Egunjobi releases first-look trailer of ‘Crushed Roses’ short film

Nigerian filmmaker, Taiwo Egunjobi unveils the first-look trailer for his latest film titled ‘Crushed Roses.’

The short film produced by a British-born Nigerian writer and poet follows the story of a young university poet in the late 90s who struggles to define her relationship with her best friend.

While speaking about the short film, Taiwo Egunjobi, the film’s director gave a quick glimpse into what and how the film was structured and what to expect from the film as well.

“Crushed Roses is based on Ibiere Addey’s beautiful and tender novelette “Crushed Roses: The Saga of An Undefined Relationship”. A classic love story written in a stylistic poem-prose in the voice of a young romantic African woman.

“The film was created in very much the same way every word and sentence was carefully considered and weaved in the novelette. Ultimately, I hope that the film speaks to hearts and tender roses.”

Crushed Roses Synopsis

“The Saga of an Undefined Relationship — takes you into the enchanted lives of Zainab Ali and Wale Badmus. Zainab, a young university poet, is lovestruck by her unsuspecting best friend Wale. Wale, a lady’s man, relies on Zee (as fondly called) for everything until one night at the jazz cafés’ open mic.

“Zee recites her poem – but it is more than a poem. It’s a revelation of true feelings for both. But by the time Wale responds, it is too late. Zainab calls off the friendship.”

Temilolu Fosudo and Tolu Osaile star in leading roles in ‘Crushed Roses,’ which was shot in January 2022. The movie lasts 17 minutes and 50 seconds.

Watch the trailer below.

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