Nima Denzongpa Written Update & Episode 12th May 2022 Spoilers Alert

In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have seen that Nima rushes home shouting Krish’s name. She broke down in tears after seeing Krish but at the same time, she takes a sigh of relief. Virat also gets relaxed seeing Nima and Krish together. Priyal whispers to Mona and says that things aren’t going as per our plan. Mona then goes to Gulshan and provokes her against Nima. Gulshan starts scolding Nima and says that if something happened to Krish how will she face his parents. Krish was shocked to hear Gulshan’s statement and then sees pictures of his parents. He then looks at Nima and Virat and locked himself in the room. Get more information in the latest Nima Denzongpa written update.

Nima and Virat are shocked and both are pondering how to handle Krish now. Nima suggests calling the therapist and fetching her home. Mona and Priyal and getting elated to see their plan is achieving success. Virat along with Alok and Gulshan standing outside Krish’s room. Gulshan says that the drama of this boy never seems to end. Virat interrupts Gulshan and says it is enough.

They all go to Krish and Nima also comes there he noticed a picture of Krish’s parents and he lost control of his emotions while telling him that his parents met with a dreaded accident and they failed to survive. He further says that he didn’t understand when you called me Pa and he accepted him as his son and didn’t tell you that I ain’t your father. He apologised to Krish and about to leave, Nima there is consoling Krish while Priyal and Mona are happy that now Krish and Nima both will leave the house.

Krish recalls all the adorable moments he spent with Virat and Nima and stops Virat from calling him Paa again. He rushes to him and hugs Virat Mona and Priya gets shocked that their plans flip upside down. Krish accepts Virat as his father and Nima as his mother. Priyal also comes there to show her best and says she will be glad if Krish also understands their relationship.

Virat stops her and says this isn’t the right time to talk about this. Priyal fumes but doesn’t express it. Krish is quite happy along with Nima and Krish. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM for all exclusive episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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