Meet Patpat Miranda AKA Maktin Miranda: Fanny Serrano Daughter – Age And Wikipedia

Patpat Miranda is the girl of grant winning Filipino cosmetics craftsman and entertainer Fanny Serrano. Specifically, Fanny was one of the most mind-blowing superstar beauticians and cosmetics craftsmen in media outlets. Her dad began her excursion in the excellence universe of media outlets, filling in as an aide at a nearby salon, and later turned into a stylist before long.

Notwithstanding, Patpat Miranda lost her dear dad on May 10, 2022, as he died calmly in his profound rest at his home in Maroto Quezon City.

Patpat and her family are in profound torment because of the unexpected destruction of their cherished one. Further, a huge number of individuals have sent their unassuming compassion and sympathies toward her loved ones.

Who Is Patpat Miranda? Fanny Serrano’s Daughter Patpat Miranda has tributed her adoration and regard towards her cherished dad as she composed wonderful words for her dear dad on friendly destinations. Huge number of individuals have sent their affection and regard for the modest man and craftsman through their social handles.

Specifically, Patpat Miranda has recognized her dad for his adoration and care, and she revered her dad for his endless consideration and sustain. She normally addresses her dad as Papa out of profound love and care.

Patpat has communicated her appreciation towards her dad for his uncountable commitment to his family all through his whole life. In addition, she made sense of that she is pleased with being Fanny Serrano’s girl because of his great deeds.

Then again, she has said thanks to everybody for their adoration and worry towards his dad, and she has referenced that her dad is in the most secure hand of Almighty God. We likewise need to accolade regard to the modest craftsman for his unimaginable works.

Patpat Miranda Wiki: She Lost Her Father At This Early Age Patpat Miranda falls between 30 to 35, checking out at her actual property at the ongoing date. Nonetheless, her accurate date of birth is as yet missing from the web. Then again, her dad died at 74 years old as he was born in 1948.

Specifically, Fanny Serrano experienced a stroke in 2016, and he had one more significant stroke in March 2021. Be that as it may, Patpat and her family have not unveiled the detail of his abrupt downfall at the ongoing date.

Fanny Serrano will be associated with his commitment to media outlets as he worked in different credits, including Tarim 2010, Tulak 2009, One More Rainbow, and Jesusa 2019.

Patpat Miranda Husband: She Is A Married Woman Patpat Miranda is a cheerfully hitched lady as she has been in a conjugal relationship with her dear spouse, Raffie Robles, for a really long time. Further, she imparts major areas of strength for a to her better half as she for the most part respects her significant other.

Following her online entertainment exercises, she shares two lovable youngsters from her marriage, and she frequently shares her family photograph on her social locales.

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