Karan Gets Upset With Preeta

The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya shows Karan being upset with Preeta. He thanks Natasha for proving his innocence in court. Karan returns to Luthra’s house with his family. He takes a sigh of relief thinking his name got cleared from the case. Karan thinks that he will start to get love from his fans again. However, Karan does not speak to Preeta and ignores her. The latter senses that and feels bad. She thinks to clear the misunderstanding with Karan about the ongoing issue.

Preeta tries to tell Karan that it was Prithvi who hired Sandesh to trap. Nevertheless, Karan refuses to hear anything from her. In the next scene, Karan and his family sit in the car to go to the Luthra house. Karan rudely asks Preeta not to step inside the car and to go somewhere else. Preeta gets upset to hear that. Here, Natasha continues to instigate Karan against Preeta. She tells him that Preeta never wanted to save him in the first place and that is the reason, she did not arrange the evidence and witness that can prove him innocent.

Sameer hears the conversation between Karan and Natasha and gets upset with her. He thinks to tell Sameer how Preeta was desperate to get him out of the case and did everything she could to save him. Sameer thinks that he wants to tell Karan that it was not Natasha but Preeta who collected the pieces of evidence. Since Karan did not let Preeta sit in the car, she went home with Shrishti. Everyone warmly welcomes Karan into the house. Preeta and Sherlyn agree to let Natasha stay at home as she did favor their partners.

Later, Karan talks to Sameer about Natasha collecting the evidence. On another hand, Kritika goes to Prithvi and asks him what happened. Prithvi lies to her saying he met with an accident and was dragged to court by Preeta. He accuses Preeta of using him. Kritika gets angry at Preeta and calls her an opportunist. In the next scene, Sherlyn drives Prithvi and Kritika to the hospital. Karan asks Preeta to do not to come with him. Preeta takes an auto to reach the hospital. Here, Natasha fills Karan’s ears against Preeta again. Will Karan be able to realize that Preeta wanted the good for him and apologize to her? Find out in the next written update of Kundali Bhagya.

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