Who Was Meda Mladkova? Prominent Czech Art Collector Passes Away At 102

The world woke up with grieving news of the unfortunate demise of the Prominent Czech Historian and art collector Meda Mladkova. Meda Mladkova breathed her last on Tuesday 3 May 2022. Meda was 102 years old at the time she breathed her last. Meda was a prominent figure in the Communist era in the 20th century. During the communist era, Meda was the prime supporter of the artists in Czechoslovakia. She stood for the liberty of the artists under communist rule and because of that, she was in exile for a long time. Meda built the popular Kampa Museum, it is an art gallery that is located in the heart of Prague.

The news about her unfortunate demise was shared by the Kampa Museum. The Kampa Museum released an official statement in which they revealed the unfortunate demise of the Prominent historian Meda Mladkova. The official statement stated the love and patriotism that Meda had for her nation. They also revealed that Meda lived most of her life in foreign, but still she loved her Czech nation the most. She was a true patriot, and always stood by her nation and her people. She loved her nation from the core of her heart.

Who Was Meda Mladkova?

Meda Mladkova was born on 8 September 1919 in the Zakupy region of Czechslovakia. She studied political science in Geneva Switzerland in the year 1948. It was the time when Communists conquered Czechslovakia and because of that, she changed her mind about returning to her country after completing her studies. After completing her studies in Geneva, She moved to Paris France. Although she lived in Paris France her heart was always in Czechslovakia.

She became a voice for the support of the artists who were suffering under the communists in Czechslovakia. She later married a Czech banker Jan Viktor, who was also exiled in Paris. After their marriage, the couple moved to the United States of America. In the year 1989, Meda’s husband Jan Viktor passed away, and in that year communism was declining its power in Czechslovakia, so she moved back to Czechoslovakia the following year.

In the year 1999, she was awarded a state decoration by the then president Vaclav Havel. As soon as the news about her unfortunate demise broke out, many popular leaders and public figures paid their hearty homage to the late Historian. Netizens too paid their hearty tributes and condolences to the late historian. Meda’s death is like an end of an era. She will always be remembered by all the Czechs.

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