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The Kashmir Files is considered one of the most successful yet controversial movies of the year. The film not brought a storm at the box office only but even discussed in the parliament. Along with being one of the successful films it also gained the title of the most discussed topic of the year. The film led to some huge debates on the news channels and even provide incredibly stiff competition to some big banner movies. Along with the story of the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus the director, Vivek Agnihotri wreaked havoc at the box office. Well, it seems that now the movie has almost completed its theatrical journey and gearing up for its digital release. Get more information on The Kashmir Files OTT release.


The film will always be recognized as one of the most active movies in the history of Hindi cinema. It is one of those movies that experienced all houseful shows even in its third week. The film has received an overwhelming response from the audience. However, there were many significant and insignificant people who opposed the movie but it achieved success even after facing all the odds.

The Kashmir Files OTT Release Date

While moving back to the digital premiere of the film, The Kashmir Files has been scheduled to be premiered on Zee 5 on 13th May 2022. So, all the people who failed to experience the film in the theatres now you can watch it at your private theatres. The film is considered the highest-grossing Hindi Film of 2022 so far. It was released on 11th March 2022 with enormous hype and started an unexpected theatrical journey. It was initially released only on 630 screens but later increased to 4,000 screens because of the insane trend of the film.

Beforehand, the makers of the film scheduled the film for its release on 26th January coinciding with the ongoing year’s republic day. But the release date of the film was postponed due to pandemic guidelines. Later, the makers settle down with 11th March as the release date of the movie. It surpassed its budget just on its second day and along with the passage of time it emerged as the most successful movie commercially in aftermath of the pandemic in India and also the first to cross the figure of 250 crores.

The film is standing its head held high with 339.49 cores worldwide collection against a production budget of 15 crores. So, don’t forget to grab the digital premiere of the film on the 13th of May and explore history. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more entertainment updates.

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