Watch Veegodess Lekki Lady Sleeping With Dog Viral Video On TikTok Sparks Debate

An interesting but weird video is circulating all over the Internet grabbing the attention of the netizens. The video is featuring a famous Tik Tok user. The social media user identified as the Lekki Lady. The consumer came to the attention after a Til Tok video claiming that she had slept for a dog for N 1.7 million. She recently cried out that she was leaving a slang for joking. Some of the reports have informed that the username of her TikTok account is revealed as Veegodess. Get more information on who is Lekki Lady Tik Tok user.

According to the latest reports, she gained enormous attention after she made a statement on social media wherein she has been found saying that there was no big deal about bestiality. She also claimed in the video that there is nothing unusual in sleeping with a dog. She further says that people are making this issue much overrated she is sleeping along with a dog and hasn’t been diagnosed with any kind of disease. She says “What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody.”

Veegodess Lekki Lady Sleeping With Dog Viral Video

Her statement spread on the Internet as a wildfire and people started and all of her followers give a shocking reaction to her statement. She further explains that she has got a huge amount, another statement wherein she is asked all the people criticizing her that have ever seen 1.7million before in their life. She further says that it isn’t a big deal. She says she isn’t even infected. She asks all the people to stop exaggerating the matter. However, a huge amount of people belonging to the Nigerian community condemned the act of the Tik Tok user.

She posted around two videos exposing her earlier claim, apologizing to Nigerians. The Tik Tok consumer explains her bad behavior and says it was a prank. In another video, she says that she didn’t sleep with any dog. She then asks to aid her in this difficulty she is facing nowadays. She explains there her boyfriend broke up with her.

She asked her followers to assist her in begging her boyfriend to patch up again. She begs pardon from all of her fans for posting previous videos. She says that she isn’t endorsing the relationship with animals. The video also affected her fame lately. We will get back to you on this till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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