Badi Maa Catches Dhami Hugging Aarav

In the previous episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, we watched an amazing drama, and as you all know that makers of the show have been trying their best to grip the audience and therefore they are dropping twists every day. Well, talking about the latest episode so tonight you will watch, Dhami talking to Aarav where she tells him that she wants to be with him always and does not want to let him leave her. Aarav says her to stay away from him and his happiness because everything just returned to the track and he really does not want anyone to ruin it.

Meanwhile, Badi Maa passes from there and sees Dhami hugging Aarav forcefully while, she shouts at him asking Aarav…, he gets shocked seeing Badi Maa standing there and must have seen him with Dhami. Badi maa then asks what is going on here, she then notices that Dhami is wearing Simar’s clothes, and she asks him and her too why she is wearing Simar’s clothes. Dhami tries to tell Getaanjali Devi about it. Badi Maa then replies her to buttoning her lip because her words can not calm her anger down at any cost and she has been observing her for a long time. She then asks Dhami what she is exactly here for?

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Written Update

Geetanjali Devi then says to Aarav to make his friend understand that a girl should not go closer to a married man no matter how close their friendship is. Aarav stands quietly, she then says that a girl should not enter a married man’s room even when his wife is away. She then tells her to be under the regulations because every family has their own rules and values of living and they have the same and if anyone tries to cross them, she does not like them. Dhami there tries to make her understand that it is not like what she is understanding. Badi Maa then warns her saying it’s not your America so whatever you want to do, do it following the rules of their house.

Dhami looks at her thinking about what she did now except hug Aarav that she is scolding her. Badi Maa then says that what does she mean by Hi and Bye can’t she says what they all say and how they all greet each other. Geetanjali then says her to leave ASAP after enjoying the time she is in the house. She then taunts her again by saying go and change Simar’s clothes. The episode ends here, stay tuned with us to get more updates on the show.

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