Who Is Ava Cardoso Mom Trisha Cardoso? American Idol Contestant Mother And Wife Of Chad Smith

Ava Cardoso short for Ava Maybee Cardoso-Smith is a popular American artist, musician, and entertainer from Los Angeles, California.She is most popular in the business as the girl of the incredible drummer Chad Smith.

Chad Smith is one of the establishing individuals from the famous musical crew Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is the drummer in the band.


Ava Cardoso as of late come to the best 20 of the twentieth version of the famous show American Idol.

Who Is Trisha Cardoso? Wikipedia Bio Of Ava Cardoso Mom Ava Cardoso’s Mom Trisha Cardoso is a CEO with many distinctions and a history as a chief forerunner in the diversion area.

She went to Loomis, California’s Del Oro High School. She later moved on from the University of California with a four year college education in human science.

Trisha is likewise a prestigious donor and business visionary, known for putting resources into undertakings. Further, she acquired the tag of one of the most amazing private backers in the country.

Her dad, then again, is a notable performer, hence Ava comes from a melodic family. Trisha additionally upholds her in her profession and individual life. This mother-girl pair has a magnificent bond.

Ava will be 21 years of age in the year 2022. Chan Smith’s unmarried accomplice was the artist’s mom at the hour of her introduction to the world in 2001, whose personality isn’t uncovered to date.

Ava has likewise functioned as an adolescent envoy for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. She is likewise a fellow benefactor of the UNICEF youthful representatives and serves on the youngster sheets of pulses of VIP. It’s a teenager run bunch devoted to finishing school brutality.

Trisha Cardoso Is The Wife Of Chad Smith Drummer Of Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith is the dad of Ava Cardoso, while Trisha Cardoso is his better half. Nonetheless, Ava isn’t her organic little girl, which makes Trisha her stepmother.

In any case, Trisha has raised Ava as one of her own and the two appear to impart an exceptionally unique attach to each other. They can be as often as possible seen investing energy with one another.

Ava hails from a melodic family. She grew up singing in her congregation’s gospel ensemble and chiming in to her mom’s Motown accounts at home. Her maternal grandma then again was a Portuguese singer.

Chad Smith honestly loves Ava’s music. He has upheld his girl to seek after her music profession using any and all means. He posted her very first recording on Instagram, which was adored and valued by his fans.

Chad has been addressing as a drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers who has been with the band beginning around 1988. The band was enlisted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Meet Trisha Cardoso, Mother Of Ava Cardoso From American Idol On Instagram Ava Cardoso is on Instagram as @avamaybee, and her mom Trisha Cardoso utilizes it under the username @trishajcardoso.

By the by, Ava as often as possible posts about her mom on her Instagram handle. They appear to be exceptionally close with one another and invest quality mother-little girl energy.

Ava is as of now an understudy at NYU. She began singing at five years old, but she delivered her very first melody in December 2020, which was named “Disappear”.

In March of 2021, two new singles were delivered: ‘See Me Now’ and ‘Varieties.’ Maybee was recently found in the Brat TV web series Stuck, where she assumed the part of Lottie.

She has had different live shows, for example, playing out the public song of praise at Lakers and Dodgers games, as well as other eminent Los Angeles occasions. She has additionally set up a great deal of noble cause exhibitions and shows.

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