What Happened When I Got Back Together With My Ex Girlfriend


A Nigerian man has said he’s very happy getting back with his ex-girlfriend after many years.


The duo who broke up some years ago have now reunited to try the relationship one more time.


He shared his experience and wrote:


I’m not here to seek anyone’s validation or anything like that.


I recently got back in touch with an ex. We spoke for less than 3 minutes on the phone and it was pure bliss. We both laughed and it felt really good mostly cause I messed up something special we had way back in 2019. We met up in less than 24 hours. We’re both single now. I hadn’t seen her since 2020. She looks so much better and just as beautiful if not more. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a hottie body-wise and upstairs in her intracranial space. I was way too immature back then to be patient to try to build something with her. We met up and even though I did most of the talking, her body language was enough to satisfy me. I apologized for being a dick before I kissed her and she kissed me back. It felt so good cos since we broke up, I’d used her as a standard for my spec and no woman has been able to meet up. She’s streetwise, business-oriented, drop dead sexy, super intelligent, beautiful (understatement) and to crown it, she never uses make up. She’s as real as they come.


I know people tend to see getting back together with an old flame as a bad decision but I also know that the devil you know is better than an angel you don’t know. Besides, in the breakup, na me f**k up. I never really got over her and I’m presented with an opportunity my guys will never, ever, ever get.


modified; this is the first time in my 16 years of sexual activeness since secondary school that i ever got back with an ex

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