What Happened To TikTok Star Jenny Elhassan? Acid Attack Victim From Sydney Reveals The Cause

Jenny Elhassan is a known TikTok character from Sydney who has been a survivor of a corrosive assault that happened in an eatery in Haymarket in Chinatown.

Police are exploring the situation, and they haven’t seen as any suspect in the corrosive assault on the star till now, however it is accepted that the case may be connected with hidden world individuals.


What has been going on with TikTok Star Jenny Elhassan? Corrosive Attack Victim Injury Details TikTok Star Jenny Elhassan was leaving the café in Sydney’s Chinatown when she experienced a corrosive assault all over tossed by three men. During the assault, the star was doing live streaming.

After the assault, she raced to the eatery and cleaned up. The paramedics showed up and educated her to clean up for 15 minutes. Her consumes on her right eye, brow, and neck were treated by paramedics before she got hurried to Royal North Shore Hospital.

In her new TikTok video she has shared that before the corrosive assault on her during her live streaming, some individual was asking industriously where she endlessly was persuading her to remove her shades yet she didn’t take them off.

Presently placing each piece in a spot she knows now, that those individuals may be connected with the occurrence. She feels honored to have worn the shades and to have her sister close by.

How Is Jenny Elhassan Health Now? Jenny Elhassan is seen taking consideration and recuperating herself from the episode. She has as of late shared her side of the story connected with the episode and is seen discussing the way that ladies don’t have the right to have corrosive tossed in their appearances.

She additionally told that this corrosive assault won’t prevent her from doing what she needs to and talking what she needs to. Besides, she adds that the individual who has carried out this horrifying thing will pay cause karma will come to them.

The case is by all accounts affected underground individuals like her sister Alia was hitched to indicted drug dealer Steven Elmir, however these are just theories as proof isn’t there yet.

@alia_elhassan1 My version of the story ❤️ #acidsurvivor#viral#viraltiktok#violence ♬ original sound – Alia_elhassan1

Who Is Jenny Elhassan On TikTok? Jenny Elhassan is a TikTok star known for her TikTok recordings, and she has as of late been in spotlight because of the corrosive assault that has happened to her.

She is a mother of her child little girl, and during the assault day, she left her child with her mom. She feels that it was a gift that her youngster was not there with her during the occurrence.

Jenny has not uncovered the daddy of her youngster and appears to keep her own life hidden and away from the media. She is dynamic on Instagram as @elhassanjenn and has 2k supporters, yet it is in private mode.

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