Dr Roy Nasnas Age At The Time Of His Death, Here Is How Long He Battled Cancer Through His Life

Roy Nasnas, a veteran age specialist was quick to answer the Covid episode in Lebanon. Gossip of his passing has ignited on the web. Is it valid? We should figure it out.

Roy Nasnas is an around the world known specialist who has mastery in irresistible sicknesses. The public authority moved toward the Lebanese specialist to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the underlying period of the pandemic.


Roy is top of the Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases wards at the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui in Beirut. He communicated his anxiety about the media for the public authority approach and the specialist indicated another danger.

Roy Nasnas Age At The Time Of His Death: Is The Infectious Disease Doctor Dead? The gossip of the passing of specialist Roy has spread like fire in the hash. Individuals are in dismay, while some remark counterfeit on his passing post.

Nonetheless, the talk ended up being valid. The notable Lebanese doctor, Dr. Roy Nasnas, has died. Notwithstanding, the age of the specialist has been kept secret concerning the protection of the lost one.

He took his final gasp on the eighteenth of April, 2022, and has left the world. A distribution by a muscular specialist at LAU Medical Heart, Pierre Gemayel was the first to affirm the passing of the specialist authoritatively.

His loved ones are in dismay and are planning for his last ceremonies. The relative likewise delivered the tribute notice regarding the specialist’s inheritance.

Roy Nasnas Cancer and Illness Update: What Happened To The Doctor? The irresistible sickness master, Roy Nasnas was accepted to be experiencing disease and ongoing ailment. Notwithstanding, no such affirmation has been made by the specialist in past.

The media have delivered no authority data about his passing reason. When the clinical authorities wrap up with their assessment, the police office is accepted to direct a question and answer session expressing the reason for death.

Dr. Roy Nasnas had been a day to day on local television evaluates for a considerable length of time, talking about the dangers of the particular infection. He was the apex of the Division of Drugs at Lebanese Gaitawi Hospital in Beirut.

Many individuals have communicated their sorrow during this miserable time. One of the clients on Twitter tweeted that “For a considerable length of time at Geitawi Hospital, Roy came, each day at 6 am to awaken me: “bonjour demoiselle marina”. He was genuinely a carefree person who left this world pretty soon.

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