Who Was Xylona Gama? Body Of Missing Girl From Ripon Found

Specialists said two individuals who had disappeared were found dead in a vehicle, suffocated in the Stanislaus River. The truck was found by a Spring Creek Country Club specialist close to the southeastern region of the fairway on Tuesday, as per a Ripon Police Department declaration.

The two ladies’ families detailed them missing after consistently calling their telephones and getting phone messages soon after the wedding.


Ros contemplated that since Xylona had driven them to the wedding, they might have selected to go there all things being equal. Ros headed out to Spring Creek Country Club, utilizing dirt roads to look for any hint of Xylona’s vehicle or a mishap in the wake of calling Alyssa early Monday yet finding no solution.

He recorded a police report in Ripon and called his girl’s telephone like clockwork during the day.

Xylona Gama’s Dead Body Has Been Found: Death Cause Explored The cadavers of Xylona Gama of Stockton and Alyssa Ros of Long Beach were found in the auto, as indicated by specialists. The passing reason has been portrayed as suffocating.

Specialists from the Ripon Police Department and the Stockton Police Department were leading a missing individual request after both were said to have been at a fairway work on Sunday night.

The episode is as yet being investigated. Ripon police said Wednesday that a Country Club laborer found a vehicle in the Stanislaus River at the fairway’s southeastern end on Tuesday. Officials, fire fighters, and salvage laborers were dispatched to the area to examine and gather the vehicle from the waterway. Inside, Alyssa and Xylona were found dead.

Figure out The Age Of Xylona Gama Xylona Gama was only 23 years of age when she lamentably died because of a fender bender. Xylona is a Caucasian woman who is 5’3″ tall and has long earthy colored hair and eyes. She weighs around 130 pounds.

A nose puncturing and different tattoos, alongside a crown behind her ear as well as a butterfly with a critical tattoo on her lower arm, were referenced as distinguishing highlights of her that could help her in her pursuit.

Everyone was approached to call 209-607-9891 assuming they had any pieces of information about her, as her family was frantically attempting to see as her.

Xylona Gamas Family Revealed Discussing Xylona Gama’s family, her mom’s name is Crystal Martinez, and they were going to Xylona’s more youthful sister’s birthday.

Martinez expressed the family was honoring the birthday in San Jose and that Xylona had needed to go to the wedding and afterward travel to San Jose. Martinez endeavored to telephone her little girl at 9 p.m. on Sunday however got no reaction.

She reached her again on Monday morning, yet she got a phone message. Martinez went from her Patterson house to her little girl’s home in Stockton, where she found Alyssa’s vehicle yet not Xylona’s.

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