Who Was Alliyah Kandic Alexander? Teen Dies After Beating, Falling Down Stairs Video Footage Viral

The law enforcement took a defence Force corporal in custody after finding his connection with the death of 16 years old girl. According to the reports, it is being said that the teenager had been beaten brutally and even fell from the flight of stairs. The horrific incident has claimed the life of the teenager identified as Alliyah Kandic Alexander who was a pupil at Couva West Secondary School. The defence force corporal has been taken into custody as the prime suspect in the murder of Alliyah Alexander. Get more information on who is Alliyah Alexander and the cause of her death.

According to the further reports issued by the police department informed that around in the mid hours of Wednesday she encountered a male relative at the time when she is at her home located in Claxton Bay. The reports further reported that the relative beat the 16 years old brutally with a belt and at the time she tried to escape she fell from flight stairs and sustained some critical injuries due to getting beaten and falling from a considerable height.

Later, the girl has rushed to the hospital and after a hard battle for life, her severe injuries succumbed to death. The prime suspect of the case who is currently 36 years of his age apprehended by the police officers after the suspect was attacked by the other relatives at the hospital. The Police officials present there were saved him and detained him at the time. The dead body of the 16 years old then sent for autopsy and the reports informed that brutally beaten and falling from a significant height caused serious injuries that claimed the life of the teen Alliyah.

The horrific incident took place on 5th April 2022, Wednesday at around 3 PM when the girl met with her relatives. The girl named Alliyahh whose relative beat her black and blue, the girl got horrified and tries to flee from her house but while escaping she fell from the flight of stairs. The girl was later hospitalized, however, it is still unclear who rushed the girl to the hospital.

Along with that, the people are also keen to know about the reason for beating the small girl to her death. The police are investigating the complete case and trying to fetch the details of the events the girl had been assaulted. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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