Who Is Xylona Gama? Missing Wedding Guest Found Dead With Alyssa Ros Near Golf Course

Xylona Gama was the visitor detailed missing on Monday whose body was tracked down lowered in a vehicle close by Alyssa Ros in Stanislaus stream. View as additional about the shocking episode.

Xylona and her companion Alyssa Ros were most recently seen on April 4, 2022, close to the Spring Creek Golf Course and they were going some place in their 024 Number late enlisted silver-hued 2000 Infinity Q50.


Their body was found following a two days in length itemized search in the Stanislaus River close to the Ripcon area.

The dad of the expired Xylona Gama has requested that the specialists track down potential explanations for the passing of his little girl and her dear companion.

A genuine instance of kidnapping or DUI is being explored as there is by all accounts not an obvious explanation behind this occurrence.

Who Is Xylona Gama? Missing Guest Found Dead Alongside Alyssa Ros Xylona Gama and her companion Alyssa Ros were tracked down dead and lowered in their silver endlessness Q50 vehicle at the southeastern piece of the Spring Creek Golf Course on Tuesday, April 4, 2022.

The specific detail of this occurrence has not been revealed by the examining lead group yet there have been a strange subtleties to the missing case.

The two missing individuals were most recently seen going to an occasion on Sunday night at the green, where they were most recently seen by a couple of individuals.

Following a lot of time their missing, a representative of the green revealed a vehicle at the southeastern piece of the course.

The bodies of the two young ladies were found in their vehicle and they have both died of suffocating according to starting reports, with additional data yet to be uncovered.

Investigate Xylona Gama’s Age And Family Details A pledge drive has been set up in the dedication of Xylona Gama by her family members and relatives.

Out of the $25000 target set up, the gofundme subsidizing has arrived at the mark of $2360 at the hour of this composition.

The family subtleties of the detailed expired have not been revealed by the police specialists to share some season of protection during this snapshot of anguish.

According to the gofundme site, her relative Crystal Martinez is as of now sorting out the asset set up.

Track down Xylona Gama On Facebook Xylona Gama was dynamic on Facebook through her id with a similar name.

She generally posted about her number one pet, a canine whom she cherished more than anything.

We petition God for the timeless tranquility of the two left spirits and furthermore share genuine sympathies to the dispossessed families.

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