Who Is Jeremie Cohen Tramway?

Jeremie Cohen, a youthful Jewish person, was killed by a cable car in Bobigny, close to Paris.

As indicated by his family, who had the option to recuperate novice pictures of the occasion, the casualty’s trip towards the paddles was brought about by an assault.


The occurrence occurred in February 2022 when 15 individuals went after him and didn’t see the tramway coming. The Police have announced it as a mishap.

Who Is Jeremie Cohen Tramway? Jeremie Cohen, 31, is without a doubt a crippled youthful Frenchman of the Jewish confidence.

On Wednesday, February 16, at around 8 p.m., this mishap happened. A cable car on RATP line 1 crashed into Jérémy Cohen.

Jeremie was hurried to the medical clinic in basic condition, however he died because of his wounds.

As indicated by the RATP, which Le Parisien referred to, Jérémy Cohen crossed the foundation of the tracks outside the passerby intersections for an indistinct explanation.

The RATP told our partners at the time that “the Network Protection and Security Group, the police, and the SAMU instantly interceded on the spot.”

The Bobigny police headquarters started a murder examination the day after the episode.

Be that as it may, a video circled shows a young fellow being gone after prior to being hit by the cable car.

Cohen was defied by a posse of individuals and beaten on numerous occasions prior to escaping.

Jeremie Cohen Mort and Twitter Accident Video His brother tracked down Jeremie Cohen’s mishap video and other pertinent diagrams video. A comparative video has been delivered on Twitter.

Notwithstanding the chances, his brothers set off to accumulate observers.

They post pamphlets in letterboxes, look for witnesses, and gather video film of the young fellow’s passing.

Incidentally, he was attacked by a group not long before the facts were uncovered.

At Bernard Abouaf’s receiver, his dad Gérald and brother Raphael Cohen affirmed with Shana, the Paul Marer affiliation president.

The group of Jeremy Cohen charged on Radio Shalom, “Cohen’s passing is related to an assault where he was the casualty by a pack of individuals preceding being hit by the Tram.”

Jeremie Cohen familie and Wikipedia Jeremie Cohen was born to Gerald Cohen and Mrs. Cohen in a French Jew family. Cohen was 31 years of age at the hour of his demise.

His brother Raphael Cohen has been effectively finding reality behind the mishap.

Jeremy died in the wake of being hit by a line 1 cable car. He was taken to the clinic in a highly sensitive situation yet didn’t endure his wounds.

The story returns to last February as a youthful Jew dies show over to a cable car in Bobigny.

Subsequently, on March 29, the indictment sent off a court examination concerning purposeful savagery bringing about death.

The case was appointed to a researching judge and the Seine-Saint-Denis legal police.

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