Who Is Ashley Hollingsworth? LA Mom Who Tried To Kill Her Baby Suspected To Be Sick- What Happened?

Ashley Hollingsworth is the lady whose criminal case has stunned the police and people in general.

She hit the features subsequent to attempting to kill her newborn child, whom she brought forth, in a latrine. The heartwrenching episode is trailed by a ghastly circumstance where she goes crazy and attempts to commit suicide.


Also, what stunned the police was her assertion and the explanation for her horrendous activities.

Who Is Ashley Hollingsworth From Las Vegas? Ashley Hollingsworth is a mother from Las Vegas captured for the endeavored murder of her child. She had brought forth her child in her home latrine and had attempted to kill her child there.

Her sweetheart attempted to stop the agitation by taking both mother and child to the medical clinic; in any case, Ashley had attempted various suffocation techniques for the child.

The 23-year-elderly person is likewise answered to be a mother of two additional kids from her past relationship. Her two children stay in California with their dad, while Ashley lives with her sweetheart in Las Vegas.

At that point, the two were remaining at the sweetheart’s family members’ home to be nearer to the clinic.

Ashley’s awful activities have made her infamous in Las Vegas and a needed individual in LAPD care.

Ashley Hollingsworth Illness And Black Eye Injury Explained Ashley Hollingsworth was arrested with a bruised eye injury and a few other substantial wounds that she caused upon herself.

Regulation and Crime refreshes that after her beau took more time to the emergency clinic, Ashley took off, and it required two hours to see as her. During her vanishing, she had attempted to commit suicide.

Her beau likewise added that Ashley had beseeched him to punch her multiple occasions. Ashley’s assertion uncovers that she accepted her newborn child was detestable and ought to be killed immediately.

Further reports guarantee that Ashley was determined to have a disease at 19 that necessary standard drug. Be that as it may, she quit taking them during her pregnancy.

Update On Ashley Hollingsworth Ashley Hollingsworth’s case refreshes that she stays held without bond on endeavored murder and first-degree youngster misuse or disregard charges.

An arraignment for her case has been set for 8:30 a.m. Las Vegas time on Monday, April 4. In the mean time, her child has made due however has gotten substantially wounds.

The clinical staff is feeling better as serious issues like cerebrum injury have not been analyzed at this point notwithstanding the covering she confronted.

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