Who Are Edgar Alfonso Lamas And Carlos Raygozaparedes From Buena Park Orange County & Why Are They Arrested?

After enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 million individuals was found, Edgar Alfonso Lamas and Carlos Raygozaparedes of Buena Park, Orange County, were kept.

In the best medication capture in Orange County in 16 years, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office has given criminal punishments against two Buena Park street pharmacists, recovering sufficient fentanyl from inside a minivan to kill 4.7 million individuals.


The deadly measure of fentanyl is all around as low as 2 milligrams, yet they found 20.5 pounds of the medication.

On March 17, 2022, Buena Park cops pulled halted a minivan going out, and found 821 pounds of meth, 189.7 pounds of cocaine, and 20.5 pounds of fentanyl tablets.

Captured: Who Are Edgar Alfonso Lamas and Carlos Raygozaparedes Buena Park Orange County? Edgar Alfonso Lamas and Carlos Raygozaparedes were kept and accused of six medication related offenses with upgrades. They argued not liable.

Also, they face one crime offense of ownership of a controlled medication with the end goal of offer, three crime accusations of offer or transportation with the end goal of offer, and two crime counts of ownership of a controlled substance with the end goal of exchange.

Additionally, Raygozaparedes and Lamas are likewise confronting two crime upgrades for having controlled substances that weighed in excess of 80 kilograms and two lawful offense punishments for having controlled substances that weighed in excess of 20 kilograms or had a fluid volume of in excess of 400 liters.

Whenever sentenced for all counts, Raygozaparedes and Lamas risk a most extreme term of 37 years and 4 months in jail.

Edgar and Carlos Age: Explore Their Family Details For their age, Edgar Alfonso Lamas is 36 years of age, while Carlos Raygozaparedes is 53 years of age, as per many records.

In like manner, Edgar is remembered to have been born in 1986, though Carlos was born in 1969, in light of their ages. Moreover, these are all basically suppositions, as no points of interest about the street pharmacists have been delivered up to this point.

Essentially, no definite data about Edgar and Carlos’ families or guardians has been uncovered. They are, be that as it may, remembered to be occupants of Buena Park, Orange County. Interestingly, assuming any news on their families opens up, we will refresh the piece of the page.

Facebook: A Look At Edgar and Carlos’ Mugshot In spite of the way that Edar and Carlos are mysteriously gone on Facebook, news about their capture and different realities can be acquired.

Right now, the mugshots of the indicted men have not been delivered. The specialists have not delivered any pictures of Edgar and Carlos.

Allegedly, they have argued not blameworthy and are being held in jail forthcoming the installment of a $5 million bond. Office N3 of the North Justice Center in Fullerton has booked a primer hearing for June.

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