Where Is Xylona Gama Ripon CA Now? Missing Case Details -Was She Abducted With Friend Alyssa Ros?

Xylona is said to resemble a 5’3 feet tall caucasian looking female with long earthy colored hair and earthy colored eyes. She weighs around 130 pounds.

A piercing on her nose, various tattoos like; a crown tattoo behind her ear, butterfly and key tattoo on her lower arm were portrayed are particular elements of her to facilitate her hunt venture.


Alyssa Ros, who had been seen missing with her had dark hair, darkish earthy colored eyes, is 5’3 feet tall in stature, weighing 125 pounds went with Xylona on their outing to Spring Creek Golf Course.

Where could Xylona Gama Ripon CA Now be? Missing Case Details Xylona Gama disappeared with her companion, Alyssa Ros on the fourth of April 2022 on Monday from Ripon, California.

Both Xylona and Alyssa were most recently seen leaving Spring Creek Golf Course in a silver 2000 Infinity Q50 with an enlistment plate finishing in “024”, and have been accounted for missing from that point forward. No, there is no data on anybody tracking down anything about the young ladies.

The family and friends and family notice that they find it incredibly uncommon and troubling in light of the fact that it is exceptionally abnormal dislike her for her to not illuminate them about her whereabouts.

Everybody is Requested to dial 209-607-9891 after having a ton of insight into her as her precious ones are frantically attempting to find her.

Alyssa Ros Friend Death Rumor The time of both the young ladies; Xylona Gama and Alyssa Ros isn’t been unveiled, yet they appear to be in their 20s.

Alyssa is depicted as a sweet young lady going around and messing around with her mate, Xylona yet is by all accounts out for a really long time for her folks to be incredibly stressed over her not telling them about the subtleties by any means, which is not normal for her.

Alyssa had no opponents and was loved by every last bit of her companions and had a quill like approach to moving toward individuals around her.

Since there aren’t specifics that are assisting the examiners with moving toward the people in question, police are investing their relentless hard effort to figure out what has been going on with the ladies.

However, there is no indication of anyone having a ton of familiarity with the vanishing which is just making torment their loved ones.

Their case has been drifting around the air like it’s everyone’s business and each of the concerned people have just a single concern and that is their protected return.

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