What Happened With Anamika Basu Is She Dead Or Alive? From Washington University St Louis

Anamika Basu is an Indian origins woman living in Washington who is getting searched on the giant search engine. Along with the Internet, the girl is also circulating on significant social media platforms. However, the major cause which the flow of attention suddenly moved toward Basu because of the rumors of her sudden demise. There are plenty of sources that post about the sudden death of Anamika but none of the official confirmation has been made by any trustworthy source that can affirm the rumors. Get more information on Anamika Basu dead or alive.

According to the latest updates, Anamika was associated with an organization in the area of laptops, personal computers, and Healthcare. Apart from that, she was quite interested and pursuing the study of cancer at Washington University in St Louis. She was also interested in making UN methodology gadgets that will be lucrative for cancer patients. But still, all the people who have learned about the news are in a huge dilemma due to the void of official confirmation. Netizens are also trying to know more about the cause of her death.

The woman along with the image is surfacing on various social networking sites with displeasing news claiming that the girl named Anamika passed away due to unspecified reasons. As far as her images are concerned it is being assumed that she was in her ’20s and around 22 to 24 years of her age. She was pursuing her studies at Washington University as we mentioned above. She was associated with a lab predominately working on the development of UN methodology gadgets for making the treatment of cancer patients easier. There are a number of things about the girl that needs to be cleared.

There is no information available on her origins, family background, ethnicity, etc. There are a number of things being reviewed. As of now, it is even not confirmed whether the girl is dead or alive. Multiple insignificant sources are sharing the news of Anamika’s death due to the lack of trust it would be inappropriate to claim or support any kind of statement regarding the existence of the girl. We will get back to you with more information and updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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