What Happened To Tammy Sytch Today? Ex WWE Fighter Accused Of Drunk Driving In The Fatal Crash

Tammy Sytch is an American expert wrestling administrator, valet, grown-up performer, and previous ring broadcaster. During the 1990s, Sytch has made colossal progress with her ring name Sunny in the WWF world, presently known as WWE.

Back in 1996, America Online declared her as the most downloaded big name on the web. Followingly, she later played with her original name Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and Ring of Honor.


Throughout the long term, she has been in numerous lawful issues. In her latest experience with the specialists, Tammy is blamed for causing a deadly mishap.

What has been going on with Tammy Sytch Today? A previous WWE star Tammy Sytch has had a past filled with lawful issues. Most as of late, she was blamed for causing a deadly fender bender while affected by liquor last month by Florida Police.

Ormond Beach Police expressed to DailyMail that she purportedly crashed her 2012 Mercedes into the back of a 2013 Kia Sorento on March 25 at 8:28 pm. Both Sytch and a 75-year-elderly person were taken to the medical clinic because of the wounds.

According to the reports, they have recognized the man as Julian Lafrancis Lasseter of Daytona Beach Shores. He has as of now died as a result of the lethal mishap. Reports have asserted that Sytch had been ‘driving at a high pace’ before the accident.

Tammy Sytch Car Accident and DUI Charges Update The Ormond Beach Police Department has blamed Sytch for causing a deadly auto collision. The accident occurred at around 8:28 PM on March 25 on U.S. Expressway 1 in Volusia County.

The report says she was driving a 2012 Mercedes when she collided with the back of a 2013 Kia Sorento which was halted at a spotlight. According to the police, the two observers said that she had been “driving at a high pace” prior to causing the accident.

Kia has died in the medical clinic subsequent to enduring wounds in the mishap. Police accepted that Sytch was affected by liquor at the hour of the accident.

They have taken a blood test, in the mean time, the report presently can’t seem to show up.

Tammy Sytch Car Accident Investigation The representative for the Ormond Beach Police Dept. expressed to TMZ that they are effectively examining the accident. Moreover, they added the poisonousness results could ultimately prompt lawbreaker accusations against Sytch.

The aftereffect of the test will be accessible soon as the division gets them. Remembering her capture for 2019, she has been captured no less than multiple times for DWI.

She was captured recently for purportedly taking steps to kill a man with scissors.

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