Nigerian bartender, Braidey signs endorsement with House of Angostura®

Braide Ifeanyi, also known as Braidey, a Nigerian celebrity bartender, has signed an endorsement deal with House of Angostura® Nigeria.

Braidey is the latest addition to the pantheon of legendary Angostura® faces, joining a diverse and distinguished group of renowned bartenders around the world.

Braidey remarked in an interview that his decision to join the House of Angostura® was based on the brand’s tradition and identity, as well as the true value it brings to the bartending community and Nigeria in general.

He’ll be taking over as the second Brand Ambassador in Nigeria, succeeding Frank Udeh.


Braidey at work.


He’s won major bartending events like the Barman CV, and he’s the only World Flair Association ORANGE LEVEL HOLDER in Nigeria.

Braidey discusses his goals for the brand, stating that he will bring industry knowledge as well as ideas to help improve the perception of the bartending community in the country.

He also discussed the Angostura® ‘Bar Crawl,’ in which he’ll be visiting bars around the country and instructing them on how to improve their craft and community standing.

He went on to commend the company for its role in the growth of the bartending community through the use of bartenders as ambassadors.

“We have always wanted brands to recognize the importance and efforts of bartenders in the wines and spirit industry.”

He went on to say that his position and the project will offer other bartenders hope, rekindle their enthusiasm and give them a voice, and help them perceive bartending as a respectable job.

Braidey will be a part of all of Angostura Nigeria’s proposed brand activations throughout the year and will conduct specially curated tasting events for taste enthusiasts.

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