Who Was Sam Cooper? Suicide, Jumped From I 40 Bridge Video Footage Dies at 43

Sam Cooper,  a name has become one of the prominent reasons among the netizens and talk of the town after the person committed suicide. He was just 43 years old at the time of his death. The horrific news of his suicide went viral all over Social Media and users are trying to learn more about the entire mishap and also want to know more about the reasons behind his suicide. Along with that, we came to know that he was the former husband of the blue-blooded bride named Lily Allen. Get more information on Sam Cooper’s cause of committing suicide.

According to the latest updates, Cooper was a builder and decorator by profession and was 43 years of his age as we mentioned above. He was married to Lily Allen but got separated later, it is being said that it was small marriage with a little gathering of close friends and family members. It is unclosed where the couple took vows. Cooper then married again and the couple had two daughters together including Ethel, nine years old and Marnie who is a year younger than Ethel.

Cooper was married to his aristocratic designer partner named India Windsor-Clive. As we informed you above that Cooper and India had two daughters together Ethen and Marnie. India took Instagram and shared numerous images from her wedding. India was wearing a splendid off-shoulder white coloured princess gown featuring a ruffled skirt and a ruched bodice. India is the daughter of the Earl of Plymouth. She is a descendant of the 18th Century’s Clive of India. She was popularly known as a controversial army official. She also associated with East India Trading Company as a significant officer.

India and Cooper tied in the knots after a month when he settled down his divorce with Lily. They got engaged in January 2021. He also announced his marriage to India through social media. Cooper also boasted of himself as an ‘extraordinary man’. There was an exquisite photoshoot of the adorable couple posted on Instagram.

Well, now Cooper committed suicide leaving everyone in immense shock. However, the vital death reason behind his suicide is unclear so far. The law enforcement is investigating the case and collecting evidence that can assist them to conclude the case. We will get back to you with more information and all the latest updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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