Who Is The Suspect? Know About Todd Shaw

Sabrina Ho is right now dealing with indictments for the demise and actual maltreatment of a seven-year-old youngster, who was likewise her child. Did she kill her kid? Dive deeper into it underneath.

On April 2, Friday, Denton police got called to a home in the 1600 square of E. McKinney Street. It was an instance of brutal kid misuse, and seven-year-old Pheonix was viewed as oblivious and with different wounds.


The police hurried the kid to a neighborhood clinic, yet the kid soon died subsequent to coming to the medical clinic.

Who Is Sabrina Ho? Mother Of 7-Year-Old Son Arrested For Death And Abuse Of Her Son Sabrina Ho was the mother of a 7-year-old kid Phoenix Ho. He was a 2nd grade understudy signed up for a neighborhood primary school, however he missed classes for a long while.

Phoenix was in effect truly mishandled in his home by his mom’s beau. Besides, his mom had been completely mindful of the maltreatment done to her child by her sweetheart, however she was quiet about the matter.

She was even essential for the maltreatment, as she was deliberately failing to look for clinical consideration for her child. Sabrina even disallowed her child from going to class to keep the matter stowed away.

On Friday, April 2, Phoenix Ho was articulated dead at a neighborhood emergency clinic in Denton. He had died because of different wounds from the actual maltreatment.

Who Is The Suspect? Have some familiarity with Todd Shaw Todd Shaw is the beau of Sabrina Ho and the person who was liable for the actual maltreatment of seven-year-old Phoenix Ho.

He is the superb suspect in Pheonix’s demise, and he got captured right the following day after Pheonix died. Denton cops captured Todd Shaw by virtue of an Injury to a Child on Saturday.

The police are directing a full-scale examination of the seven-year-old kid’s passing. The agents likewise consulted Sabrina, who admitted to monitoring the maltreatment.

Sabrina was additionally captured on Tuesday night, April 5, for Injury to a Child. Sabrina is at present at the City of Denton Jail, anticipating arraignment.

Denton Police were educated regarding the matter after a neighbor detected the oblivious kid, as he helped call the paramedics.

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