Who Is Bogdan Draghici? Leader Of Father’s Rights Group TATA Rams Car Outside Russian Embassy

Bogdan Draghici was the leader of the TATA affiliation who died in the fender bender on April 6, 2022. Specifically, he hurried his vehicle into the metal fence at the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and consumed it in a fire.

Further, he got found out by the police on the charge of assaulting his stepdaughter in August 2019. What’s more, the court had prohibited him from leaving the country until May 26, 2022, being under Judicial control.


In addition, District 2 Court had apparently condemned him to imprison for quite a long time and four months on April 5, 2022.

Who Is Bogdan Draghici? Goodbye Leader Bogdan Draghici was the head of the TATA who got sentenced for physically manhandling his little girl a couple of years back. As per his web-based entertainment profile, he was the proprietor of Birou de Mediator.

Further, he went to Liceul Dante Alighieri for his optional school and had finished his advanced education from Scoala Generala Nr 54. Bogdan Draghici had been living in Bucharest, Romania, for quite a long time.

What has been going on with Bogdan Draghici? Passing Cause Bogdan Draghici’s mishap has stunned individuals all through the web as he crashed his vehicle valiantly into the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, staying away from the blockades.

Specifically, individuals and security had attempted to stop him and requested that he leave the vehicle.

Regardless, he deliberately hit the fence and set himself ablaze which caused his passing on the spot. Further, cops had attempted to save him however fizzled. Bogdan had left the message before the occurrence where he referenced that everybody ought to emerge to represent Ukraine.

Bogdan Draghici Wiki and Relationship With Alexandra Stan Bogdan Draghici’s mishap has made a great deal of disarray among individuals as some marvel he died on the side of Ukraine, while some guaranteed he did to escape from being imprisoned for his sexual maltreatment of a minor.

In the mean time, many have looked for his Wikipedia page, which isn’t accessible at the present date.

Then again, certain individuals keep thinking about whether he has a relationship with Alexandra stan, where he is an unexpected individual in comparison to individuals think. Specifically, individuals have been pondering Alexandra stan’s ex, who has a similar name Bogdan Draghici.

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