Where Is Sarah Boone Now And What Happened To Her Husband Jorge Torres Jr In Suitcase?

Sarah Boone is the Florida lady arraigned for killing her sweetheart, Jorge Torres Jr., by keeping him trapped in a bag for quite a long time at their home on Frantz Lane in Winter Park.

As per the capture testimony, Boone attested she nodded off while playing find the stowaway and didn’t concede Torres was as yet in the bag when Boone arose hours later. Be that as it may, two recordings on Boone’s video showed an alternate story.


Police said Boone intentionally passed on Torres in the bag notwithstanding his requests to be let out. Court records from Orange County, Florida, show this was not the principal vicious experience at the Winter Park house.

Both Boone and Torres were seized with homegrown battery in 2018, and Torres was accused of going after Boone on somewhere around two events in 2019.

Where Could Sarah Boone Now be? As indicated by Click Orlando, Sarah Boone is at the Orange County Jail without bond. As referenced before, she was captured on charges of second-degree murder in February subsequent to being blamed for zipping her sweetheart inside a bag during a round of stow away n-look for.

It was accounted for that she passed on him to die as he called out to out her and told her he was unable to relax. An after death investigation of Boone’s sweetheart Jorge Torres Jr uncovered that he died of positional asphyxia with natural suffocation steady with delayed repression.

That, yet the report additionally showed that Torres had liquor in his framework at the hour of his end. Boone let investigators know that she and Torres drank alcohol during the evening, and she dropped in her bed prior to permitting her accomplice out of the bag, where he would later die.

Sarah Boone Husband Jorge Torres Jr Suitcase Video Trending Right now, the bag video of Sarah Boone is getting viral on the web. In the individual video, Boone called 911 around 1 p.m. on February 24, 2020, subsequent to tracking down her beau, Jorge Torres Jr., dead in a bag.

Boone guaranteed they had been drinking liquor, and both felt it would be amusing in the event that Torres rose inside the bag in the lounge. Allegedly, she unfastened it and tracked down Toress inert and not relaxing.

Her first call was to her ex, who carried on with a couple of moments away. However, he asked Boone to call 911. Orange County appointees arrived at the scene minutes after she called 911 and communicated Torres dead.

Police observed Torress was found close to the front entryway of the condo close to a blue bag. In this way, we can see the video effectively on the web.

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