Update on Melissa Lucio Trial In The Murder of Mariah Alvarez, Is She Getting The Capital Punishment?

Yet again melissa Lucio stood out as truly newsworthy after her family came to Austin to stand out of administrators. They have been arguing to stop the execution of Lucio who is waiting for capital punishment.

15 years prior, she was indicted for killing her own girl. During the hour of the examination, Lucio denied lethally pounding the life out of her 2-years of age little girl.


With the sadness of losing her girl Mariah, she at long last assented to examiners that she could have gotten it done. She said so when the specialists inquired as to whether she was answerable for a portion of her little girl’s wounds.

Who Was Melissa Lucio’s Daughter Mariah Alvarez? Passing Cause Mariah Alvarez was the 2-years of age girl of Melissa Lucio. At the youthful age of 2, she lost her life, and her mom was sentenced for her homicide.

Melissa’s legal advisors had fought that the little youngster died from wounds from a tumble down the 14 stages of a lofty flight of stairs outside the family’s


As her execution day is on April 27, her legal counselors are trusting that the new proof will help her out. Vanessa Potkin, one of Lucio’s lawyers said that Mariah’s end was a misfortune, not a homicide.

She further added that it would give an overwhelming message assuming the execution goes ahead. The lawyer for Lucio shut the articulation by saying that this will communicate something specific that blameless life doesn’t make any difference.

Melissa Lucio’s Daughter Mariah Alvarez’s Autopsy Report Mariah Alvarez, girl of Melissa Lucio, was a youthful young lady who lost her life at an extremely youthful age. The terrible episode that removed a youthful life occurred in her own home.

Then again, her legal advisors have been guaranteeing that she was improperly sentenced for beating her own youngster. According to the court records, Lucio was a quick suspect since the time the passing of her girl.

In the underlying examination, she pinned the youngster’s lethal wounds on a fall as the justification behind her death. She likewise demanded that neither her better half nor different kids “beat” Mariah.

Melissa Lucio Case Hearing Update In August 2021, a gathering of ex-investigators, 6 enemy of savagery associations, and specialists in the field of orientation based viciousness joined to ask the Supreme Court to survey her case.

A short time later, they contended against the adjudicator’s structure to bar master declaration on the impacts of injury. They referenced it needed Melissa the main means she had of making sense of that she didn’t murder her kid.

Followingly, according to the police idea that she murdered her little girl “were side effects of injury coming about because of the savagery for her entire life.

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