Toolz, Betty Irabor, others react to tweet criticising married women who order soups and stews from vendors

After criticizing married women who order cooked food from vendors, a Twitter user has received unexpected responses from Nigerian married celebrities.

Though it’s an old tweet, the conversation surrounding the tweet was revived after media personality Toolz reshared it with an interesting caption.

The tweet reads: “There’s a growing trend amongst Nigerian women these days…..they order Stews, Soups and Jollof they eat at home from vendors. And I mean married women.”

Toolz shared the tweet and wrote: “OMG Uncle Bayo is this true? I kian’t believe it! What has the world come to?? Soon married women will get people to do their laundry…and not hand-wash the whole household’s clothes every Saturday!! Horror!”

Betty Irabor commented, “Don’t mind them Bayo. No respect for their husbands at all. Who knows where I can order better banga soup tonight?”

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